Welcome to the Legal Services Panel Portal

This Portal has been established by the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) to enable Commonwealth agencies to access legal services from the Whole of Australian Government Legal Services Panel (the Panel) or the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS).

The Panel has been established as a coordinated procurement by a competitive value for money process following an open approach to market. The Panel is managed by AGD and was established on 15 August 2019 and will run until 30 June 2024. The Panel is intended to better leverage the Commonwealth’s purchasing power and improve efficiency in the Commonwealth’s engagement with external legal services providers.

The Panel is mandatory for non-Corporate Commonwealth entities, subject to the Panel Flexibility Framework. Corporate Commonwealth entities or Commonwealth companies may opt-in to use the Panel arrangements by contacting AGD and signing a Deed of Participation. Please refer to the Corporate Commonwealth Entities and Commonwealth Companies factsheet for more information.

The Areas of Law and Practice Areas on the Panel are as below: Panel Areas of Law and Practice Areas

Participating entities will also be able to access legal services from AGS directly and will not need to use the Panel Flexibility Framework or seek an exemption from using the Panel. Tied work cannot be procured through the Portal, please contact AGS or the appropriate tied provider directly.

Information about the panels for the specialised streams of Competition and Consumer Law and Tax Technical Law can be obtained by referring to websites managed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ( and the Australian Taxation Office (